Sclerotia package
Herbs Of The Gods
Herbs Of The Gods label designs
Innervisions growkit 2010
Inner Visions magic mushroom growkit
Innervisions folder 2010
Inner Visions magic truffels information folder
Innervisions bakjes 2010
Inner Visions magic mushrooms
Fenix Black etiket 2010
Fenix Black hallucogenic label.
Stargate 2009
Stargate Resurrection, herbal ecstacy flyer and packaging
Kratom flyer 2009
Kratom psychedelic herb, information flyer
Sage 2009
Sage Extract hallucogenic information flyer
Vitamins & Afters pack 2009
Smartlab Vitamins labels and After E, After T and After C packaging.
Final-E flyer 2008
Final E, herbal ecstacy information flyer (2008)
Male Nitro 2008
Male Nitro, herbal viagra label (2008)
Ecstatic flyer 2008
Ecstatic, herbal ecstacy information flyer (2008)
Innervisions old design
Inner Visions magic mushroom product line (1998/2009)
Kanna flyer 1999
Kanna, psychedelic stimulant flyer
EZ test lijn
EZ Test home ecstacy testing kit product line, previous (1997/2005) and new packaging (R)