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1079LM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Donald Beekman
Ariane Hetharia
Gwen Hetharia
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Typoshirt One
typoshirtOne inside
Free Font Index
The Pepin Press
Stationery design now!
Stationery design now!
Taschen Verlag 2010
stationery design now!1
Stationery design now!2
stationery design now!3
theater affiche prijs 2009
Nomination Theater Affiche Prijs 2009 for L.O.U.D. poster
Slanted Stencil type 2009
Slanted magazine #9, Stencil type (2009)
Typography essentials 2009 p0
Typography Essentials by Ina Saltz,
Rockport publishers (2009)
typography essentials 2009 p1
typography essentials 2009 p2
typography essentials 2009 p3
Taschen Logos 2 2009
Taschen Logo Design Volume 2, featuring DBXL
logo designs (2009)
holanda disena 2008 p0
Holanda Disena, Index Books (2008)
holanda disena 2008 p1
holanda disena 2008 p2
holanda disena 2008 p3
holanda disena 2008 p4
holanda disena 2008 p5
holanda disena 2008 p6
rotterdam flyer culture 2007
Rotterdam Flyer Culture,
book featuring DBXL flyer designs (2007)
Taschen Logos 1 2007
Taschen Logo Design, featuring DBXL logo
designs (2007)
made with fontfont 2006 p0
Made with FontFont, Fontshop typefaces
in use, BIS publishers (2006)
made with fontfont 2006 p1
made with fontfont 2006 p2
villa victoria schooltv 2005
Villa Victoria, School TV magazine (2005)
Creatie artikel 2005
Creatie magazine (2005)
type one 2004 p0
Type One, Die Gestalten publishers (2004)
type one 2004 p1
dutch type 2004 p0
Dutch Type, by Jan Middendorp,
BIS publishers (2004)
dutch type 2004 p1
dutch type 2004 p2
dutch type 2004 p3
dutch type 2004 p4
spatium collecting mania 2003
Spatium magazine, Collecting Mania (2003)
spatium typografie 2002
Spatium Typografie booklet (2002)
qwerty p1 1989
Qwerty typography magazine (1989)
qwerty p2 1989
AV.IS 1990
AV.IS, 13 years Rietveld Academy
Audiovisual department, book (1990)